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While at Planet Nutshell, I worked on the animated short film Azúcar. The story revolves around one night in a mother and son's long journey from Honduras to cross the southern U.S. border. The film was made between client work during the pandemic by the PN team and with generous support from executive producer George Bard. 


The story is based on interviews with Luís Cruz, the personal experience of Jen Sanchez, whose family emigrated to the U.S. from Colombia, as well as other sources.

I worked on 2D cel effects for moments where the characters interacted with water, including the climax of the film where Ana and Marcelo attempt a treacherous river crossing. These are a couple line tests out of many during the conception of the foam, ripples, and shadows on the water.


I also animated a few character animation shots and handled complex compositing scenes. Check out some of the behind the scenes work compared to the composited scenes.

Azúcar was screened at the Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival Brazil, Los Angeles Latinx Film Festival, Socially Relevant Film Festival New York, Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, Vancouver Latin American Film Festival, & the Seattle Latino Film Festival between 2022-2023. After it's festival run, it's now available online for free.

Learn more details and follow the film at


Executive Producer
Writer & Director

Art & Animation Director
Character Design
Character Animation

Compositing & 2D Effects
3D Modeling & Texture
Sound Design
Story Consultant
Inspired by
Voice Acting
Marketing Design

George Bard
Joshua Gunn
Jen Sanchez
Sam Berliner
Jen Sanchez
Jessica Mao, Rachel Howell, Songyi Park
Jen Sanchez

Jen Sanchez, Camille Vincent, Hannah O'Neal, Kim Hui, Mollie Davis, Jane Winters
Mollie Davis, Jen Sanchez
Mollie Davis
Songyi Park & Joshua Gunn
David Reiffel
Luís Cruz
Luís Cruz
Brian Amador
Natalia Rosminati
Jonathan Vogel-Borne & ASA Graphics

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