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Brigham and Women's
"Hip Replacement Surgery: 

Making The Right Decision For Your Health"

In this video, Planet Nutshell worked with the team at Brigham and Women's Hospital to create animation that supported live interviews with Dr. Troy Amen and Dr. Antonia F. Chen about choosing hip replacement surgery. Brigham and Women's wanted to make the intimidating and complicated decision-making process easier to visualize and understand in order to make informed decisions. 

This was a cool one for me personally because my mom is a physical therapist and has treated patients recovering from this type of surgery. By talking to her, I got better insight into the characters emotions while storyboarding and animating.


Creative Director

Art Director


Live-Action Producer & Editor





Character Animation

Motion Graphics

Promo Editor

Advisors & Participants

Live-Action Shoot Crew


Sound Mixer


Pick-Up Sound

Joshua Gunn

Jennifer Sanchez

Sam Berliner

Christoph Gelfand

Joshua Gunn

Jennifer Sanchez

Mollie Davis

Songyi Park & Jennifer Sanchez

Mollie Davis & Jennifer Sanchez

Mollie Davis

Sam Berliner

Dr. Antonia Chen, Dr. Troy Amen, Dr. RG Davis,

Carlos Huertas, Deloris Henderson


Chris Loughran

Pete Nenortas

Josh Gorman

Damon Karys

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