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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 
End Crawl

Taking up the mantle from Sarofsky teams on Vol. 1 & 2, I worked with Duarte Elvas, Nik Braatz, and many others, to bring the characteristic whimsy of the GOtG franchise to the end crawl once again. Clocking in at over 7 min of credits scroll, this huge project was a major achievement in the spring of 2023.


I also designed a few letterforms for the new typeface. Based on Zetkon, the original typeface from the first two movies, we needed a full alphabet for Vol. 3's opening credits and some locators. 


Executive Creative Director
Executive Producer
Creative Lead

Designers (Main Title + Locators)

Designers (End Crawl)

End Crawl Typesetting
Assistant Editors
Post Supervisor
VFX Production Manager
Music by

Marvel Studios
James Gunn
Erin Sarofsky
Steven Anderson
Duarte Elvas
Dylan Ptak 

Gerard Sierra, Davis Cameron Chu,

Travis Hawthorne, & Mollie Davis

Matthew Nowak, Nik Braatz, Mollie Davis

Tony Agliata, Lirio Ramirez, & Sara Kopke
Exceptional Minds
Fred Raskin
Todd Busch, Jeffery Steinkamp
Jasmine Kosovic
Danielle Carney
Radiohead "Creep"

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