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Mountain River Taiko
10 Year Anniversary

Mountain River Taiko is a taiko (Japanese drumming) group in western Massachusetts that aims to "increase intercultural awareness by sharing the joy of playing taiko drums". They perform locally and offer workshops.

The shows are thunderously fun and my mom was a long-time member!


For their 10 year anniversary, they reached out to me to design a t-shirt that they could sell as a fundraiser. The vision was wood block prints in a modular layout. I happily donated my time and love the result. Check out Mountain River Taiko at their website, Facebook, or Instagram. Attend a show in person to buy a shirt or stickers!

Front of shirt

Back of shirt (Japanese lettering by Hitomi Sovjani)

Models/Shirts from Bella & Canvas site, Mockups by me

Sticker pack


Costume Liaison for MRT


Japanese Lettering

Lynne Mia

Mollie Davis 

Hitomi Sovjani

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