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PrEP Series

The Massachusetts Department of Health needed a series of videos that encouraged the public to consider PrEP as a treatment option and de-stigmatize that process. In partnership with MORE Advertising, Planet Nutshell was able to turn these around on tight timelines and in a consistent style across the series. It was also fun to put in Boston details that we knew so well!


Creative Director
Art Director
Character Design
Backgrounds & Assets Design
Character Animation
Compositing & Motion Graphics
Sound Design

Joshua Gunn
MORE Advertising
Jennifer Sanchez
Sam Berliner
Songyi Park
Jennifer Sanchez
Songyi Park
Jennifer Sanchez & Kim Hui
Mollie Davis & Songyi Park
Taiko Sound
Andrew Lander, Thomas Purvis, George Washington III, Robb Moreira, & Kyle Arrington

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