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PrEP Series

The Massachusetts Department of Health needed a series of videos that encouraged the public to consider PrEP as a treatment option and de-stigmatize that process. In partnership with MORE Advertising, Planet Nutshell was able to turn these around on tight timelines and in a consistent style across the series. It was also fun to put in Boston details that we knew so well!

Doggie Art Show

Music Notes

Care That Fits You

Creative Director
Art Director
Character Design
Backgrounds & Assets Design
Character Animation
Compositing & Motion Graphics
Sound Design

Joshua Gunn
MORE Advertising
Jennifer Sanchez
Sam Berliner
Songyi Park
Jennifer Sanchez
Songyi Park
Jennifer Sanchez & Kim Hui
Mollie Davis & Songyi Park
Taiko Sound
Andrew Lander, Thomas Purvis, George Washington III, Robb Moreira, & Kyle Arrington

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