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Run For Your Life
- Title Sequences

Run For Your Life is a comedy web series created by writer/director Martha Williams about online dates that make you want to run for your life. I was contacted to create a fun and frenetic title sequence that could be customized to fit the date that would ensue in each of the four episodes. 

Episode 01: Ménage-A-Dog

See the full episode here -

Episode 02: Late Night Foodie Call

See the full episode here -

Episode 03: Freelance CEO

See the full episode here -

Episode 04: Man Bun & Mala Beads

See the full episode here -


Created by
Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Edited by
Original Music & Sound Design by
Story Editor
Animation Consulting
Production Design
Associate Producer


Martha Williams/BugHouse Media
Tracy Toon Spencer
Ashley George
Lucky Cheng
Maria Cataldo & Martha Williams
Norm Scott
Marlene Nichols
Mollie Davis
Maya Erdelyi
Maria Marrone
Alice Shindelar
Graceanne Dorse

Sarah (EP 1)
Huck (EP 1)
Merrie Cherry (EP 1&2)
Dan (EP 2)
Amanda (EP 3)
Paul (EP 4)

Mia Darrow
Zack Gold
Tam Shephard
Nick Jordan
Nicholas Feitel
Many Schmieder
Michael Aurelio


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