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I worked with Sarofsky to animate bumpers and endtags for Terminix's new campaign showcasing their ability to deal with a wide variety of pests.

I was the the lead animator on the pest animation and helped out with resizes and cutdowns.

It ended up being a fun character animation exercise. Plus, seeing your work in Times Square? Always fun. 

Be advised - there are creepy crawlies depicted below (including spiders).

The pests needed to be loops so we could duplicate and animate them travelling - enough to get on your nerves and call Terminix!

The pests were animated using a combination of cel work in Animate and AE.

With a tight budget, we needed a solution that avoided 3D, so these line tests helped

to get the ideas across early before they were filled and vectorized for compositing.


As a cherry on top, our bumpers appeared in Times Square - on the billboard at the corner of W 44th St and Broadway.




Executive Creative Director

Executive Producer


Design Lead



Erin Sarofsky

Steven Anderson

Dylan Ptak, Erik Crary, Will Townsend

Cat McCarthy

Luke Shelley, Matthew Nowak, Mollie Davis, Davis Cameron Chu, Nick Gardner, Daniel Geiszler, Joe Fleming

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